Welcome to Ener-J™

Ener-J is an open-source Java™-based object-oriented database system (ODBMS). It implements the ODMG 3.0 Java API along with full OQL capabilities. The entire system is pluggable and extensible. By exchanging plugins, the database can morph from use in embedded applications to enterprise applications.

In the near future Ener-J will also implement the Java Data Objects (JDO) 2.0 specification. Ener-J also extends the ODMG and JDO APIs to resolve the vagueness and ambiguities present in both APIs. Other extensions provided by Ener-J allow for account authentication, privileges, transaction logging, auditing, and classes for more robust programming. An implementation of the EJB3/JPA API is also planned.

Ener-J is a exclusively designed for the Java environment. It is written in Java and its aim is to take advantage of the Java language and platform. To encompass other language bindings would mean that Ener-J would require more language-independent object capabilities and would result in weaker overall object integration for each language.

Ener-J's Subversion root is currently available on Google Code, although we have not made a formal release yet. Check back again for more details about Ener-J as it develops.

Note: Ener-J was formerly named "Vitamin-O".

Ener-J at Google Code